Nothing Wrong

A booklet on self care for those who have been abused or who abuse substances. The purpose of this booklet is to increase awareness of what happens when abuse occurs and of what self care looks like. Produced by the Buoyancy Foundation of Victoria.

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Read by Ria Soemardjo

1 – Nothing Wrong Introduction[haiku url=”″]
2 – What is abuse?[haiku url=”″]
3 – selfcare[haiku url=”″]
3 and 4 – there is no ‘wrong way’, there is no ‘wrong way’ to self care[haiku url=”″]
5 – confronting abusers[haiku url=”″]
6 – sexual abuse and young people: impact of sexual abuse on women: impact of sexual abuse on men[haiku url=”″]
7 – facing our dragon: our armour: taking off our armour[haiku url=”″]
8 – being kind to ourselves[haiku url=”″]
9 – security: daily self care[haiku url=”″]
10 – releasing stress[haiku url=”″]
11 – nurturing spirit[haiku url=”″]
12 – opening up to a great life[haiku url=”″]
13 – everything can be self care[haiku url=”″]
14 – identifying and meeting our needs[haiku url=”″]
15 – becoming aware[haiku url=”″]
16 – breathing: watching breath: using breath to develop kindness[haiku url=”″]
17 – developing acceptance[haiku url=”]
18 – telling our stories[haiku url=”″]
19 – making sense of abuse[haiku url=”″]
20 – Buoyancy acknowledgements[haiku url=”″]

What is self care?

Deborah Homburg, CEO of Buoyancy Foundation, explains what ‘self care’ might look like in relation to drug and alcohol use – of others or own.

Basic Trust

stepping stones photo by Ria Soemardjo

Maintaining metal and emotional wellbeing. 6 talks by Don Treacher, Cairnmillar Institute.

Serotonin – managing difficult feelings

green leaf photo by Adam Forbes

Balancing serotonin levels without drugs

Drug Harm Minimisation

Links to recent articles and podcasts from a variety of external sources, presenting different perspectives on drug harm reduction

the ‘Buoyancy Conversations’ approach

buoyancy - seweed sketch by Guna Green

Deborah Homburg, CEO of Buoyancy Foundation, on the Buoyancy Conversations approach, for the ‘Selling Sickness’ Conference in Amsterdam, October 2010.

Buoyancy definition

‘Buoyancy :  the ability to float, the ability to recover quickly after setbacks; resilience, cheerfulness’

Workability – how are your drugs working for you?

Buoyancy’s approach to our client’s substance dependence is ‘Nothing Wrong’.