Intranet blank page template

Hi, this is a blank page template ready for you to add content to. This page will appear in the intranet section, so it will be protected, and will automatically have general intranet navigation links on the left side  (like other intranet pages). Remove this text once you are finished and don’t forget to click on update!

To show a link to the page in the navigation sidebar of the intranet save the page and new title and  , in dashboard go to Appearance – Menu – Intranet general links, or staff intranet menu, depending on where  you want the link. Click on the menu name and you will see a list of the links already there. On the left hand side, you will see  a list of pages, and you should see the new page you just added there. Click on ‘add to menu’  and then ‘save menu’ and you should then see you page appear in the navigation in the intranet!