Instructions for maintaining website

Webhost details – Host Papa : Phone 1-800-099-453 or click on ‘live support’ on their homepage  and they will talk you through problems (using live chat). Ask Ming or Deb for login details if you need to get into the control panel

For all staff>>

Below are step by step instructions for basic editing and uploading.  I have allocated each staff member  responsibilities . Important – to avoid  problems,  don’t edit a page unless you know you are the only one doing so. Ask Adam before editing pages that haven’t been assigned to you.

The site is not yet available to the public, so have a go at following the steps and don’t worry about making a mistake!

Ming ->>

Adding documents to intranet (documents for COM) and editing text

Editing timetable

adding-editing calendar events


Adding documents to intranet (policies and procedures) and editing text

Checking site stats – go to dashboard> jetpack (top left hand side) > sitestats. (nb – stats don’t include visitors who are logged in)


Editing art and taichi pages

See also – how to add a video  below – in ‘All staff –  general functions’

 Adam  >>

Editing posts on main website – featured audio-articles section

Editing home page text – note this is a different process to normal page editing so follow instructions carefully!

Editing Shiatsu, student/volunteer  and Meditation  Page – use same instructions as editing art and Tai Chi Page

Editing text on other pages – follow instructions as per ‘editing art and tai chi page’. If you are having trouble finding the right page,  note that they are grouped into relevant sections like – services –  (art, counselling, etc)  resources – useful info, info for volunteers, placements etc. intranet –

Adding links to useful info and general info for clients page


 All staff –  general functions

Adding a new page

– I have set up blank pages ready  to add content and title .

Go dashboard – pages>find the page entitled ‘  blank page template’  (for main website page) or  for  an intranet page search for ‘intranet – blank page template’. Follow instructions in those pages.

– Adding a video to a page or article (post)

1.Upload video  to a youtube account. This requires a personal gmail/google account (Ria and Adam have).

2. Once uploaded – check the settings for viewing (public etc). Copy the  url address of the video (in youtube click on ’embed/share’ and it will give you the address to copy for embedding)

3. Go to dashboard and open up the page you want to add the video to. Select where you want video to display (cursor – then click).

4. Click on ‘youtube’ icon in visual editor – a box will open  asking for the url of the video , paste in the url you copied from youtube. You can change the default size of the display if you want.

CLose and UPDATE! You will see some code in the spot where you placed your video. When you view your page, the video should be displayed there.