What happened to the old Buoyancy?

Buoyancy Foundation Inc has re-invented itself

The Buoyancy Foundation of Victoria was a government-funded drug counselling agency.  Now Buoyancy Foundation Inc is a members’ organisation working to reduce suffering caused by drugs through communication, meditation and compassionate environments.

Buoyancy’s work began in 1967 by a group of citizens who were concerned about the impact of drugs on Melbourne’s young people.  Buoyancy was incorporated in 1970.  From 1970 to 2014, The Buoyancy Foundation of Victoria (as it was then called) had a proud tradition of service to people who were dealing with issues arising from drug and alcohol use.  Many 10’s of thousands of clients were served.  Thousands of clients received free counselling.  Therapeutic activities were added over time, including yoga, mediation, art therapy, shiatsu massage, advice on diet and advice on the  benefits of Chinese herbal remedies.  A wide range of audio resources relating to drugs and their impacts were produced, many of which were broadcast on public radio station 3CR.    Buoyancy successfully completed many special projects, including Envirofund re-vegetation at a site at Mt Alexander and the Young Vietnamese Women and Drugs project,which gained special funding from 1999 to 2012.  Thousands of clients were assisted in dealing with the justice system, including many who were diverted to counselling sessions rather than being convicted for possession of minor quantities of illicit drugs.

Buoyancy’s mission was to create and offer opportunities for self-expression and contribution.  It’s philosophy was ’Nothing Wrong’.   Services were free and access was via a simple telephone call or walk in, with no referrals necessary.

How did the ‘old’ Buoyancy work?  Here is a link to a series of posts that describe Buoyancy’s approach, Click here

In 2012 the Commonwealth and State Departments of Health commenced a restructuring of drug and alcohol services  that intended to amalgamate all specialist drug and alcohol services, including  Buoyancy’s and its clients, with huge generalist medical/mental illness consortia.  Buoyancy does not have a pharmaceutical treatment model and does not provide client information without informed client consent.  As a result, government-funded Buoyancy services to clients came to an end in May 2014.

Buoyancy Foundation Inc continues as an incorporated charity, with the purpose of reducing suffering through communication, compassionate environments and meditation.  Currently, Buoyancy’s  members and philanthropic donations make a valuable and positive contribution to these activities.

Buoyancy’s 50th anniversary will be celebrated in March 2017-2020.

To become a member, contribute to and/or celebrate activities, email us on info@buoyancy.org.au