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What is self care?

Deborah Homburg, CEO of Buoyancy Foundation, explains what ‘self care’ might look like in relation to drug and alcohol use – of others or own.

Basic Trust

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Maintaining metal and emotional wellbeing. 6 talks by Don Treacher, Cairnmillar Institute.

Serotonin – managing difficult feelings

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Balancing serotonin levels without drugs

Drug Harm Minimisation

Links to recent articles and podcasts from a variety of external sources, presenting different perspectives on drug harm reduction

Nothing Wrong

Free booklet/audio on self care for those who have been abused or who abuse substances.

the ‘Buoyancy Conversations’ approach

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Deborah Homburg, CEO of Buoyancy Foundation, on the Buoyancy Conversations approach, for the ‘Selling Sickness’ Conference in Amsterdam, October 2010.

Buoyancy definition

‘Buoyancy :  the ability to float, the ability to recover quickly after setbacks; resilience, cheerfulness’

Workability – how are your drugs working for you?

Buoyancy’s approach to our client’s substance dependence is ‘Nothing Wrong’.