Drug Harm Minimisation

Links to recent articles and podcasts from a variety of external sources, presenting different perspectives on drug harm minimisation

How safe is your prescription?

ABC Radio Podcast (synopsis from Radio National Life Matters website)

‘Prescription medication is now a very common part of our lives, whether it’s treatment for a long term medical condition, or just a course of antibiotics to treat an infection. But with their popularity comes new risks. New research shows around one in three prescriptions has an error. Ken Lee is a second generation pharmacist who’s been looking very closely at what can go wrong with the dispensing of prescription medicine.He wants patients, doctors and pharmacists to be more wary’

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Drugs not the answer for modern problems

Article by Dianna Kenny, published in the Sydney Morning Herald. March 14, 2011

Click here to read article on Sydney Morning Herald Website


Inside the Battle to Define Mental Illness

By Gary Greenberg December 27, 2010 published in Wired Magazine, January 2011

Click here to read article on Wired magazine website

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